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Security Industries

Congratulations to Contract Security (United Kingdom) on gaining Pacesetters with an ACS score of 139!

  Clients have included:
Excalibur (ISO9001)

Gardner Security  (ISO9001)
Security Displays (formerly D & L Security) (ISO9001)
Scruttons Security (ISO9001)
(HQ, Birmingham, London, Belfast, Manchester, Hartlepool)
The Birmingham Safety Deposit Ltd. (ISO9001)
Sword Security (ISO9001)
(HQ, Birmingham, London, Manchester, Newcastle)
Elite Guarding (ISO9001 and SIA ACS)
Focus Security (ISO9001 and SIA ACS)
(HQ, Central, Southern, North Western, North Eastern)
Knight Security (ISO9001)

Brinks (UK) Ltd. (ISO9001)
Direct Security Management (ISO9001)
Camelot Property Management (ISO9001 and SIA ACS)
GalliNet (ISO9001)
ECS Site Services (ISO9001)
Contract Security (UK) Ltd. (ISO9001, SIA ACS, Pacesetters)
Crimewatch Security (ISO9001)
Anchor Service (GB) Ltd.  (SIA ACS)
Unipart Security Solutions (ISO9001 and SIA ACS)
Swift Security (ISO9001 and SIA ACS)
Global Guarding Services
Tower Eye Services
(ISO9001 and SIA ACS)

 Manned Security

 Intruder Alarms

Keyholding & Alarm Response

 CCTV Monitoring

 Central Stations

Cash In Transit



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