not The President of the United States Of Where?



True or Fake News Riddle


Environment Boss Scott Pru-tit: I donít believe CO2 causes global warming

POTASS: Obama wire-tapped Trump Tower! Sick Man!

POTASS: You look at what happened in Sweden (terrorism) last night!

Did Trump mean the Nobel Prize Banquet?


"I never publish fake news!"

Donít blame me - I didnít vote for him


He then said the opposite!


Former Security Chief said Not Possible


No such terrorism in Sweden that day


He does publish or say fake news


You canít blame him!

Michael Flynn resigned as Security Adviser because he had contacted the Russians

POTASS: I am going to revamp the Fodd Drank to free up the banks to create another global banking crash.

Sally Yates was dismissed because the Immigration Ban is unconstitutional

Mexican President agrees to pay for and build a wall around Trump Tower to keep POTASS in.

Possibly the greatest commedian of our time

Trump to appear in BBCís Red Nose Day to help raise $Millions for charity


He was sacked for misleading the Vice President Ė But he had talked to the Russians!


But he has not yet done anything to implement it!


She was sacked because she disagreed with POTASS


But we wish it was true!


Several POTASS mimics will entertain us