not The President of the United States Of Where?




POTASS: Who has been elected to where?


No, that is fake news!


Aide: No, it is real news. And you will hear more from her!


POTASS: B…….ks




Dear POTASS – You have killed off the Anti-Spyware Chief. Very silly but typically Chump (sorry Trump)!

All your accounts will soon be accessed and data stolen to prove you are bankrupted of reason.





He would be the greatest comedian in the world if it was not so sad as being the biggest POTASS since mad King George 3rd.

Fake News:


POTASS – I have done more in my first 100 days than any other president since ….


Sorry – you really meant that you had done ****  all – by that we Initially meant French Connection United Kingdom


Does it mean that POTASS is a fcuk.con



Maybe my face will be put on Mount Rushmore to remind everyone of my achievements.


Scary Muchee:

Reince Priebus is a ******   ****…. and Steve Bannon is a *****   ****


We guess that is the new pollical correctness


I’ve been *****ed off




I have brought in General John Kelly


He will rule the WH with military precision as he does what I tell him to do

Donald Trump’s reported disclosure of highly classified information to high-ranking Russian officials may be “a violation of the President’s oath of office”, national security lawyers have said.

McMaster: Trump did not discuss 'sources, methods' with Russia's Lavrov



Whatever Next from this Joker!!

Iwanka for president in 26!!



POTASS: Proud of @IvankaTrump for her leadership on these important issues!

Is it true that the recent ransom-ware attack was based on leaked software from the National Security Association?


 How would I know?


Homeland security adviser, Tom Bossert, to hold an emergency meeting!


Is it true that there is a politically biased ransom-ware called “Trump”?

POTASS: I fired FBI chief because he was incompetent!


Is it true that, a your dinner with him, Mr Comey said he would offer the president honesty, but not loyalty?


POTASS: He had better not release any tapes!


Have you got any tapes of conversations with him?


Judge warns POTASS not to destroy tapes

POTASS: “The eight-year assault on your Second Amendment freedoms has come to a crashing end.”


That will help to reduce the population of USA!


POTASS: You look at what happened in Sweden last night!


Swedish Government: Nothing happened (It was Fake News told only by Trump)

At your press conference you said it, so the press reported it, so you continue to complain.


Yet again, your finely tuned machine fuelled with so much of your rhetoric, has BACKFIRED.

Possibly the greatest comic of the present day

Security Adviser Resigns


TV Reporter: Mr President, did you know about the WP article


POTASS: I have not seen the WP article (probably true but he did know about it)


TV Reporter: When did you know about him discussing sanctions with Russia?


POTASS: That is not the issue, he misled the Vice President


TV Reporter: It is the issue. Information available says you knew several weeks ago, why did you not ask for his resignation then?


POTASS @twitter: The real scandal here is that classified information is illegally given out by "intelligence" like candy. Very un-American!

If the appeal court finds for me then they are independent elephants!!


If the appeal court finds against me they are politically aligned donkeys!!



They judged against me


Shall I risk appealing to the Supreme Court?


Or write a new executive order which looks like climb down?


I never climb down!!

I am going to revamp the Fodd Drank to free up the banks to create another global banking crash.




“I never publish fake news!”


Who is this twitter?


Cambridge University to create a vaccine against fake news

U.S. District Judge James Robart’s ruling lifted the ban.


Even the appeal court does not know the law!!

I’m always Right


If fact I’m so Right that I will soon go round the bend and reach Left


We wish you had – left that is.


Washington becomes first state to sue Trump over 'un-American and unlawful' immigration ban

Zero F…  Drewers Broop?

Mexican President agrees to build a wall but only to keep Trump in?


F…. U…

So you voted for:
-  the gr…er
-  the guy who shouted loudest
-  more kids getting shot
-  uncontrolled climate change
-  killing Medicare
-  stopping free contraception
-  expelling “Dream” children
-  etc., etc., etc.

Well done the USA


Don’t blame me - I didn’t vote for him


Do you really think Trump will do anything for the miners and steel workers?

Yes – he will shout about it!

But the world economy will deplete jobs in USA – Sorry, but it is a fact.



F… U…. = For USA just in case you thought otherwise!


Your vote is vital!!


Your vote will ensure the wrong one gets erected




The Repubican Party Candidate


We Are Repubicans So We Must Vote For A Pubican
Even If ……

The Demonatic Party Candidate






Secrap Business






I confirm that I never sent any secrap emails.


They both roar. But which will make the best President. Obviously the one with the higher IQ

I have never been g..ped by DT but he does want to give me a big French Connection U K ing.


Who is the business failure?

-       Did 3 casinos go bust?

-       Did Trump Mortgage go bust?

-       Did Trump Steaks get burned?

-       Did Trump Vodka dry up?

-       Did Trump The Game fold up?

-       Did Trump Ice boil away?

-       Did GoTrump crash land?

-       Did Trump Magazine run out of quarters?

-       Did he get rid of NJ Generals because they had been demoted to corporals?

-       So Trump Airlines now has just one plane?

-       Did Trump Tower in Tampa not get off the ground?